London-Based Bloc Party Plays Emo’s

There were moments when it seemed as though Bloc Party wouldn’t quite be a band again – sort of. During their hiatus, starting around 2009, the band members ‘ side projects were high profile and pretty solid, namely frontman Kele Okereke‘s very dancey solo effort The Boxer and bassist Gordon Moakes‘ band Young Legionnaire. On top of that, no one really knew what direction Bloc Party would take next after the decidedly more electronic Intimacy (2008) was released to mixed reviews.

But the London-based quartet returns with a new album, Four, that shows them completely revitalized, going back to the basics with the postmodern rock/art punk sounds that put them on the map. Four is a combination of turbulent, driven, harder-edged rock and a few slightly quieter, New Wave-inspired moments. High energy abounds.

On December 12th, Bloc Party  played Emo’s, 2015 E. Riverside. The night started out right with Dr. Leeds-based quartet The Chevin.

AMM-Dec-11th-2012  << Download

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