Body Pillow at Hotel Vegas

Joshua Cobos

It seems impossible to shake off a romantic interest turned sour. Nothing erases the memory. They even have the nerve to show up in one’s dreams. But now, it’s time to reclaim the love. Body Pillow vocalist/songwriter Leslie Crunkilton examines the unfaltering desire in “Want It Back,” the new single featured on today’s AMM, coming out July 16. Perhaps it feels detestable (“Thought I was immune to you…”) but all isn’t lost. Keep the hunger. Extinguish the old flame to nurture the new fire. “Are you gonna eat that? / Or can I have it…?” queries Crunkilton amidst the pangs. “I gave you everything / You didn’t have to ask… / I want it back.”

Body Pillow kicks off a July residency at Hotel Vegas with a show tomorrow night, Sunday July 9, on an excellent bill with songwriter KindKeith and post-punk outfit Ragabash.

It used to be a thing: Peu importe ce que je fais, j’ai toujours faim de toi. But one could do without the indigestion, sooo…K bye.

AMM July 8 2023

Body Pillow residency starts tomorrow, Sunday July 9, at Hotel Vegas, with KindKeith and Ragabash.

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