The humor is just as beautiful as the damn album, and the album is gorgeous. It starts as soon as you drop the needle on “Girls Bugging Me” on BOOTCUT. You clearly hear Afie Jurvanen, better known as Nova Scotia-based artist Bahamas, attempting to record something, but his young daughters are not having it.

“…Can it wait ’til I’m done writing this song?”


“It has to be right now?”

“Yes, it has to,” a tiny voice intones with great command. So much for the perfect melody, but as Jurvanen says with a shrug you can easily visualize, “Greatness will have to wait.” Then, it’s a lovely slide into the twangy steel of “Just A Song.” Holy hell, this is awesome.

Step aside, mister Sad Hunk (that title alone should clue you in on the humor your AMM host raves about). Following Bahamas’ rich funk-n-soul adventure comes a dream adrift in a big time country-inspired vibe known as BOOTCUT, right at home with your boots. Jurvanen’s sixth release is a collection of ballads taking it all the way with a cast of Nashville musicians and a special guest appearance by Vince Gill. Soak in all the twang, warm tones, and badass steel, but understand that that rich Bahamas soul remains at the heart of it all. And of course, no Bahamas album would be complete without Jurvanen’s dry wit, delivered in quiet and understated touches that sometimes makes you laugh out loud.

Bahamas will be in Austin for a performance tonight, Saturday Sept. 23, at Mohawk on the outdoor stage. Fortunate Ones opens the show. Doors at 7 p.m. And don’t forget the Mock-Up! babes, on the indoor stage with Jonny Sanders‘ magic spell Prehuman and the spins of DJ Black Leche.

AMM Sept. 23 2023

Bahamas tonight, Saturday Sept. 23, at Mohawk, with Fortunate Ones.

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