Burnin’ Me Up

Today’s Austin Music Minute slid you some “Gotta Get To Heaven” from Scott H. Biram‘s pentecostal pyre Sold Out To the Devil: A Collection of Gospel Cuts by the Rev. Scott H. Biram. Since the days of The Dirty Old One Man Band (2005), Graveyard Shift (2008) and beyond, it doesn’t take much to figure out that Biram’s music embodies the fury, the floor-board rattling as the demons slam-dance, the wreckage from the path behind the hurricane, and all that’s been to hell and back – several times over.

Lo and behold, a new treasure strikes lightning, the down and dirty Fever Dreams. It smokes and sears as any Biram work will do, but this one rips the soul open to expose that inner turmoil, ravaging and stinging like hell. A few familiar faces team up with Biram to wreak that havoc (Jesse Dayton, Mr. Pink Records himself Jonas Wilson, and a track penned by none other than Austin Chronicle hoodlum Kevin Curtin) that will absolutely delight your prickled ear.

You best get you some. And don your mask to attend Scott H. Biram’s socially-distanced show at 8 p.m. tonight, Saturday November 28, at Cheatham Street Warehouse, 119 Cheatham St. in San Marcos. That’s a 78666 zip code.

Six six six? Well, I’ll be damned…

The Fever Dreams Hit

AMM November 28 2020 || Scott H. Biram at Cheatham Street Warehouse

-Photo courtesy of the artist.

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