Can You Handle It?

If you’re slightly (or rather) taken aback by today’s Austin Music Minute feature, here’s an important bit of information about your humble AMM host: The heavy stuff is near and dear to your host’s dark heart. From punk to metal to the heaviest rock in practically every vein you can think of, yes, it’s badass, and you can expect to find it on the AMM on occasion to jolt you out of your skull. Because it’s good for you.

Don’t forget your earplugs when you head out to Barracuda tonight, 611 E. 7th St., for an enticingly heavy line-up. To call it “epic” would be an understatement:

-Headlining the evening are Los Angeles searing psych-violence rock ‘n’ roll annihilators, The Shrine. Ready, aim, destroy.

-Wisconsin-based mystical and most mysterious Jex Thoth performs. Not much is known about the alluring oft-dubbed “occult rock” artist, but you’ll discover layers of doom, classic and prog rock amongst the intrigue.

-Near and dear to your AMM host’s heart, Austin’s own super-heavy psych/stoner metal outfit DUEL (featured on today’s AMM) will be on hand to bleed the eardrums dry and terrify the locals. Good wholesome fun!

-An absolute must-see, Houston-based doom/heavy rock trio Doomstress, kicks off the night with mad fury and absolute killer vocals to bring you to your knees.

A big, giant YES to the entire night. This one, as you may have noticed, comes highly recommended.

-Photo of DUEL courtesy of the artist.

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