Cosmic Howl

This is another one of those moments where your humble Austin Music Minute maven must remind you that this is a band to experience live. It’s true. Lord Buffalo doesn’t simply play music for you. It is an entire experience. It’s a haunted story never to be erased from your mind’s eye. It lingers in the corners of a darkened day. It chases after you in the woods at night.

It’s made quite apparent why you’ll get hooked after seeing a Lord Buffalo show. The physical and emotional intensity that swells and explodes at each performance is exhilarating – and unsettling. The local quintet has a way of breathing new life into folk and rock in a much darker realm, reaching toward something primal within toward explosive climaxes and eerie, unnerving quiet.

Lord Buffalo has a new 7-inch vinyl with two new songs on it, “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin” and “Black Mesa,” produced by none other than Danny Reisch. You can get your own copy when Lord Buffalo plays a show tonight at Hotel Vegas, 1502 E. 6th St. The bill features headliners The Wolf, Deep Space, Houston band Infinite Apaches, and The Roosevelt House Band. Doors open at 9 p.m. Great music all around. Recommended.

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