Day Job Be Damned

It’s pretty much a similar situation for musicians worldwide. Ideally, music would be their primary occupation, but many supplement their income with full-time employment to support their creative projects. It’s frustrating at times, but if you’re passionate about making music, you’ll do what it takes to keep it going. This is what Jonny Aitken is faced with, but he’s determined not to let the daily grind put a stop to what he loves.

The Brighton-based songwriter and musician, who previously played drummers with The IV Thieves, has been performing as a solo artist, Jonny 8 Track. His first full-length release, 8 Hours Work, 8 Hours Sleep, 8 Hours For What We Will, takes a shot at those frustrating moments of a nine-to-five worker, stifled by the boundaries of office walls. He’s poignantly described his latest work as music for anyone who’s ever had a day job.

Jonny 8 Track is currently in the U.S., and has a performance scheduled for 9 p.m. this Tuesday night Club DeVille, 900 Red River. He’s on the bill for local band English Teeth‘s residency, “Teef Tuesdays.” (Aitken finds the coincidence rather ironic – the whole English Teeth thing, but there you go.) Put your day-job woes out of your mind. Recommended.

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