Desert Mystique

The letter for Salesman arrived in the mail earlier this year. “Congratulations! April 17, 2014 will be proclaimed Salesman Day in Austin, Texas by Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell…” Front man Devin James Fry was left speechless. For his band, it means much more than just a day in honor of their music.

“The past six years, on and offstage, we’ve met some of the truest, hardest working souls to be found anywhere,” Fry said. “Playing music in this city is an honor every day. To become part of Austin’s musical history in this humbling way is nothing short of a dream come true.”

Fry began writing music as Salesman in his home state of Colorado in 2006. When he moved to Austin, he met drummer Clayton Lillard and violinist Patrick Patterson, and began collaborating with Lord Buffalo‘s Daniel Pruitt and Garrett Hellman. They were joined by friend and Little Radar bassist Grant Himmler.

This resulted in some extraordinary musical bonds, which in turn produces such intensely passionate compositions Fry builds from the most primitive emotions. To see a Salesman show is not only to listen to the music, but to experience where it comes from. Fry, not really interested in adhering to genres for go-to descriptions, has called his work “desert” music. That hits the nail right on the head. Expansive, all-encompassing, full of life that one wouldn’t have dreamed existed…

A new Salesman album will be coming out this summer. Meanwhile, you can celebrate Salesman Day with the band at their performance tonight at their rehearsal space/recording studio, The Castle, located at 5816 Berkman Dr. The show features performances by Digital Antique, complete with string ensemble, and songwriter Adam Torres. Doors open at 7 p.m. Space is limited. Recommended.

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