Eagle Claw Returns to Holy Mountain

As your humble Austin Music Minute maven, I try to bring a little variety into the mix. It’s not easy. I have a lot of ground to cover, and I haven’t done nearly enough.

However, being an El Paso native greatly influenced by a steady slew of heavy metal back in the day, I’m sure you can imagine I had a lot of fun with today’s Music Minute. I present to you local instrumental metal quartet Eagle Claw. And again, if I may emphasize: Earplugs are not optional.

Their debut full-length, Poacher, pretty much sealed the deal from the start with wicked massive guitar lunges that would stand well alongside early ’70s Black Sabbath. Any notions of prog are kicked to the curbside – it’s definitely harder than that. The same proves true with their latest release, Timing of the Void, inspired by a 17th century text on the martial arts known as The Book of Five Rings. How metal is that? (So says the girl who introduces the 2005 Sam Dunn documentary as a primer to all those unfamiliar with the territory.) On the one hand, Timing of the Void sears the ears with bone-crushing solos and thumping rhythms, and on the other – perhaps somewhat unexpectedly – lots of melody in the madness. Don’t pin the “post-rock” label on this. There’s more sharpness and precision in this sonic annihilation than one would think.

There’s my four-star review for the day. Eagle Claw recently returned from touring with The Sword, and they were more than ready for their homecoming performance December 15th at Holy Mountain, 617 E. 7th St. This was one blistering line-up, friends: Dixie Witch, The Blind Pets and Bridge Farmers. Loud and proud. Hard rock for your face. Recommended.

AMM-Dec-14th-20121 << Download

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