Fox Street Blues

The forthcoming album Fox Street Blues by Buenos Diaz has a family story behind it, perhaps one that’s familiar to many generations of survivors. As songwriter/vocalist Nick Diaz explains, “These stories are unfortunately the norm and a large part of the American fabric.” But the album is a testament to how Diaz’ family persevered, and how music saved his life.

Fox Street is the Houston neighborhood his mother grew up in, where she lived with her mother – a single mom – and her older brother. Diaz’ grandmother worked most of her life to support her family, a pattern that would repeat itself when Diaz’ own father left his family. Despite the difficult times, the blues fueled a new fire in Diaz’ life. He took up guitar at age 17 and was playing the blues alongside a badass crew of older musicians to learn everything he could about his favorite music. Imagine learning from the best of the best. Albert Collins, Johnny Clyde Copeland, Gatemouth Brown, Billy Gibbons… All of it shaped the artist Diaz is today.

Here some of the new music from Fox Street Blues when Buenos Diaz performs tonight, Tuesday Oct. 3, at the Far Out Lounge and Stage. It’s another great line up featuring Lauren Gurgiolo’s musical project The Dialtones, and a set by Dylan Bishop. Doors at 7 p.m.

AMM Oct. 3 2023

Buenos Diaz plays tonight at Far Out Lounge and Stage, with The Dialtones and Dylan Bishop.

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