Free Week Blitz

If you haven’t guessed by now, “overwhelming” doesn’t even begin to cover it. The flood of ATX Free Week activities just keeps busting down the dam, and the Austin Music Minute offers but a mere snapshot of the magnificent music you can experience. It’s the perfect opportunity for musical discovery, and it’s free of charge. Yes, free. Take advantage of tonight’s goodies:

-Make your way to the early 7 p.m. gig at Hotel Vegas, 1502 E. 6th St., for an onslaught of soul, funk, rock, punk and a serious case of the OMG’s with sets by Roxy Roca and The Crack Pipes. Then, continue the not-behaving by remaining for the late show with Ringo Deathstarr, The Reputations, TOMA, Mean Jolene and Whit. I said, damn.

-You’re in for a most magical night at The Belmont, 305 W. 6th with Folk Uke folkin’ this stuff up like the badass mother-folkers they are, and swoon-inducing sets by Jaimee Harris, and Cass Brostad. Your heart can’t keep up.

-Hold on to your butts. Another gargantuan line-up invades E. 7th hotspot Barracuda like Godzilla on two stages thanks to the Nine Mile Records showcase, with Abram Shook, recent Studio 1A guests TINNAROSE, flippin’ chaos-wreaking hellfire hoodlums Magic Rockers of Texas (aren’t they delicious?), PR Newman (“Here Come the Rangers,” from the forthcoming album Turn Out, was featured on today’s AMM), A. Sinclair, Carry Illinois, and girling. All of these bands. Seriously.

What a feast for your ears. All recommended for Friday night fabulousness.

-Photo of PR Newman’s Spencer Garland by Trent Maxwell.

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