Free Week Shows Chock Full of Favorites


Another exhilarating feeling I get from the extraordinary days-long event we refer to as Free Week is the tremendous elation-turned-panic-attack when faced with the mind-boggling choices before me. You have to understand that I, your humble Austin Music Minute maven, always have some level of difficulty in choosing which shows to see on a regular basis. We have a lot of talent in this town.

So (in my best Rod Serling voice): Imagine, if you will, a city where practically every night, there is one magnificent live music show after another, at several different venues all at once, with countless fantastic bands. And admission is free. Mind-blowing? You’ve just entered the Free Week Zone.

Such is the case with the two shows happening tonight that I’ve featured on today’s Austin Music Minute, a feast for the ears and appealing to a wide palate, let me assure you.

First, a Free Week gig at one of my favorite haunts, The ND, at E. 5th St. and Brushy. Cheers to this fab line-up that includes two local bands I hold dear, Digital Antique and The Rocketboys (their track “Carry Me” is on today’s AMM), along with The Daylight Titans and Storm Shelter. Doors open at 9 p.m. Big, sweeping sounds from this lot. Love it.

Then we have another great Free Week show at another absolute favorite place of mine to hang, The Blackheart, 86 Rainey St. Whoever dreamt this bill up is going to get a massive hug from me:  Frank Smith (their track “Monster” is also featured on today’s AMM), The Sour Notes, Grand Child, and Black Books. It is your mission to check each one of these bands out. Doors open at 8 p.m.

Too many decisions to make. And oh, what a way to go. All recommended, and then some.


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