Friday at Cheer Up Charlie’s

Welcome to another magical and simultaneously badass Friday night at Cheer Up Charlie’s on Red River. Check this line-up:

  • The vibrant colors, the glorious din, the dazzling trash glam, and the euphoria! True, you might be tripping, but it could very well may be the melodic chaos of Calliope Musicals. Carrie Fussell is your unicorn guide to the universe. Prepare to feel the love! (photo of Calliope Musicals above by David Brendan Hall.)
  • Can you keep up with this “Wild Wild Woman”? Songwriter and vocalist Rockyanne Bullwinkel’s incredible solo project Blue Jean Queen unleashes an untamed outlaw country/rock pop with a spike-heeled boot. And with those vocals?! “She’s causing a riot…
  • It was a heartfelt “Simple Love Song” – though the flower burst into flames and, by the way, the world was ending. Dark synth majesty brought to you by Urban Heat (“City Lights” is featured on today’s AMM).
  • Pardon my evil grimace as I “Watch you Bleed.” Release the bats, and usher in the darkwave/goth rock brooding of Haunt Me. Your AMM host is most pleased.

Doors for Friday’s show open at 8 p.m. Don’t miss a single performance.

AMM April 28 2022

Calliope Musicals, Blue Jean Queen, Urban Heat and Haunt Me, Friday April 29 at Cheer Up Charlie’s

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