Future Transmission

Your humble Austin Music Minute maven got hooked on the description “organized chaos” thanks in large part to John Lydon (that’s Johnny Rotten to you, dearie), who might’ve used it – or some form of it – from time to time. It’s a marvelous idea. Organized chaos: You’re in the midst of complete disorder and random confusion, although it’s slightly reined in. But only ever so slightly. It’s embracing the chaos. And Future Death are rulers of that impulsive embrace.

The local noise rock/pop quartet got its start when Alton Jenkins and Bill Kenny began writing and recording the music that appeared on their self-titled 2013 debut EP, released last summer. Bassist Jeremy Humphries and vocalist Angie Kang stepped into the fray, and it wasn’t long before the band was signed to Bloodmoss Records, which will release their forthcoming LP Special Victim in May. (An intriguing fact some reviewers have been sinking their chops into – the album was recorded and mixed by This Will Destroy You‘s Alex Bhore in producer John Congleton‘s studio – formerly a funeral home. Here’s to the atmosphere.)

Future Death is on the bill for a show tonight at the Mohawk, 912 Red River on the inside stage, featuring headliner The Hotelier, Osoosooso, and local four-piece Diving. The music starts at 9 p.m. This is great music all around, so get there early to catch all the bands. Recommended.

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