Going Lo Hi Lo

The roots of Paperhaus run deep. Not only is this a highly-revered DIY band in the Washington, DC area, they also created The Paperhaus – literally, their own home – that has been the site for many a fantastic live music show by hundreds of local and traveling artists.

Founded by guitarist and vocalist Alex Tebeleff and guitarist Eduardo Rivera, the band Paperhaus was inspired by a wide array of influences buzzing within the ears and minds of Rivera and Tebeleff at the time, everything from Radiohead to Fela Kuti. Before joining the band, bassist John Di Lascio was immersed in prog pop while drummer Brandon Moses cut his chops on raw, noisy blues. The four couldn’t be further apart as far as musical backgrounds go, but they felt a connection when they delved into some inspiring all-night jam sessions at the Red Door room in the now defunct Gold Leaf Studios. It was a surreal, experimental musical experience melding pop, blues and country with no boundaries. Paperhaus was born from an ardent passion for music and a desire to do more for the DC DIY music community, which in turn led to the development of The Paperhaus venue.

Their music is often referred to as psych-pop, which is definitely a huge part of it, but moving beyond that with elements of alt.-country, blues and funk, so many different sides yet all complimentary of one another.

Paperhaus is currently on tour to promote their forthcoming EP, Lo Hi Lo, due for release on May 28. This includes a stop in Austin for a show tonight at Holy Mountain, 617 E. 7th St. Paperhaus will be joined by two fantastic local artists on the bill:  Songwriter Jack Wilson and quartet Reservations. Doors open at 9 p.m. Surely one not to miss. Recommended.

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