Gold Arrival

Songwriter and Gold Beach front man Michael Winningham is elated about finally – finally – making it happen. It’s been a journey and a half, but the finish line is on the horizon. In Winningham’s own words, “Two years and three producers later,” Gold Beach has a new single ready for release from their forthcoming album, Ryou Cannon.

So admittedly, it is overdue. Following a series of stops, starts and restarts, various road humps and the perfectly understandable desire to send your music out into the universe only when you’re completely happy with it, time sort of flew by. But all that’s behind them now. “Impression” will be available digitally and on cassette through Accrue Cassettes on Nov. 19th, and the new album comes out in April.

You won’t have to wait much longer to hear the single, though. Aside from the quick preview on today’s Austin Music Minute, you can see the new video premiere at a special Gold Beach release show tonight at a new art gallery/retail space, Studium at 908 E. 5th St., just next door to The Brew and Brew. The music starts at 9:30 p.m. with Far Far Future, followed by Jesse Woods, Gold Beach, and Chris King‘s (This Will Destroy You) musical project, Symbol.

All and all, a fantastic evening. Recommended.

– Photo courtesy of the artist. Special thanks to Michael Winningham for his assistance with today’s AMM.

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