Good Trouble

They’re ready to go. Though it’s not the same as a live show, and the confines may limit the space, Trouble In the Streets pushes a livestream past any limitations. “The time has come…let the Trouble begin.”

That may be that fourth wall they’ve been breaking this whole time. Feast your ears upon major jams with interstellar R&B and electro-hip-hop (goes perfectly with lasers, FYI.) And a few months ago, Trouble premiered their incredible cinematic apocalyptic vision in the video for “Mad Science” (the track featured on today’s AMM) that totally nails their futuristic vibe. All hail the queen/songwriter/front woman Nnedi Nebula owning the throne, complete with torch and chalice: “HEY, WHAT WE DOIN’ IT FOR?”

Check out the video and get ready for Trouble In the Streets’s next livestream performance at 8 p.m. (Central) tonight, Thursday September 24, on Purple Bee TV via Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

Trouble’s EP Rule Breaker featuring “Mad Science” is available on Bandcamp.

Good Trouble

AMM September 24 2020 || Trouble In the Streets on Purple Bee TV

-Video still of Nnedi Nebula of Trouble In the Streets. “Mad Science” directed by Cléver Cardoso.

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