Got To Kick Butt

If you’re driving too fast (and you shouldn’t be), you might miss it. Tucked between a couple of smaller businesses at 5775 Airport Blvd. is a space much revered by local and touring bands alike. Quite a few even had their first gigs there.

A few years back, Kick Butt Coffee celebrated 10 years of badassery placing a wide variety of underground faves, newbies and unknowns into the spotlight covering multiple music genres – and genre-defying. There’s a reason those in-the-know are forever loyal to the place, with endless props to owner Thomas Gohring for keeping its doors open to all who honor something different, for keeping a finger on the pulse of parts of the local scene that don’t always get attention.

Unfortunately, as is the case with music venues all over the country, Kick Butt Coffee is struggling to remain in business due to the impact of COVID-19. But this is the cue for loved ones who are stepping up and represent. Austin-based label Dissent Records presents Save Kick Butt Coffee, a live stream benefit show with thirteen bands to ramp up support, starting with Pocket Sounds at 2 p.m. (Central), followed by Cactus Flowers, The Boleys, Jordan Moser, Burn Ban, Shfux, Naga Brujo, Western Threads, Dream Reamer, Otis Wilkins, The Dead Coats (featured on today’s AMM), Dave Dictor delivering an acoustic MDC set as Millions of Dead Cowboys, and Dayeater.

It’s a big party today, going into the night. View the show on Dissent Records’ FB page. Donations can be made to Kick Butt via PayPal.

Got To Kick Butt

AMM July 18 2020 || Dissent Records presents Save Kick Butt Coffee

-Photo of The Dead Coats playing at Kick Butt Coffee (2019). 

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