Heart Races

It’s excitement mixed with a feeling of losing one’s footing. Questions race through the mind. What’s going on here? Flora and Fawna songwriter/lead vocalist Lili Hickman captures fleeting moments of pleasure mingled with angst in “Never Mine,” as the young narrator navigates an emotional rollercoaster while struggling with their identity. Hickman explains that the song was written through a nostalgic lens, recalling their first queer interaction with a married woman. But no regrets are lingering.

“Feeling important to someone with more experience, feeling the rush of what you thought was mere questioning, is something I will never regret or forget,” Hickman says. “It’s hard to know who was in the wrong when the experience is core to who I am today. I’m glad to see now years later there is no hard line.” 

Flora and Fawna perform tonight, Tuesday Oct. 4, opening for Canadian-American artist Grandson at the Scoot Inn on E. 4th. Doors open at 7 p.m.

AMM Oct. 34 2022

Flora and Fawna at the Scoot Inn tonight, Tuesday Oct. 4, opening for Grandson.

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