Hotel Free TV, Episode 16

It’s where the magic’s at. Hotel Free TV, the free streaming series presented by Hotel Vegas, brings it again with Episode 16, and these two performances igniting the bill:

-It’s sound and vision brought to extraordinary levels. Dallas-based electronic and visual artist (and proud gear nerd, thank you) Llora is the project of Llandon Broadhead, exploring gender, sexuality, and surviving oppression with exhilarating experimental composition on a cinematic scale.

“You got attitude / I got nerve…” Songwriter, rapper, San Antonio native, and KUTX February Artist of the Month Wes Denzel navigates the tug-of-war/whirlwind/emotional mind-eff rollercoaster of relationships on his album I Was Almost Happy, taking it all a step further with brilliant conceptual videos and a feature-length film of the same name.

The show kicks off at 8 p.m. (Central) tonight, Thursday March 25, on the Hotel Free TV website.

Hotel Free TV, Episode 16

AMM March 25 2021 || Llora and Wes Denzel on Hotel Free TV

-Photo of Wes Denzel courtesy of the artist.

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