It’s A Fat A** Rap Show

David Brendan Hall

Brace yourself. There’s a big show coming up. HUGE. It’s A Big Fat A** Rap Show, to be specific, happening tonight at Antone’s in celebration of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.

This is one of many celebrations happening worldwide, including events by Legends Recordings, a group of artists and industry professionals who’ve coordinated global initiatives honoring those who originated the culture, beginning with that fateful moment in The Bronx, August 11, 1973. DJ Kool Herc was behind the turntables, looping beats in a yet unheard of merry-go-round technique that shook party-goers to the core. PBS program History Detectives also offers an in-depth exploration of the inner city foundations that made hip-hop what it is today.

If you can handle the tremendousness of tonight’s Antone’s event, you’ll be treated to an A-list list of Austin artists including Deezie Brown, Malik Baptiste, SHXWNFRESH, Blakchyl, LYNN, D. Harmon, Free Hamze, The Teeta, and special guest CODEE, among many others.

The night includes a coats and cans donation drive, which gives you a discount on your admission at the door with your donation. Plus DJ sets by Ashmar and Jeanhorus will keep the party in full swing. Doors at 8 p.m. Did we mention this is a BIG show?

AMM Dec. 12 2023

A Fat A** Rap Show at Antone’s, with Deezie Brown, Malik Baptiste, Blakchyl, SHXWNFRESH, special guest Codee and more.

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