It’s Golden

Uplift. Amplify. And inspire. It’s all gold, and artistic expression that Austin-based artist Goldie Pipes intends to share with others, the way his own musical influences have done so over the years. From Bobby “Blue” Bland to Marvin Gaye to James Brown, as well as the gospel music his grandparents listened to, and classic hip-hop, the Houston native took it all in and discovered his own voice in the grand scheme.

You could say that tomorrow night’s show is a celebration of the way music shapes the soul and the world. GP’s Golden Gathering is bringing together local artists to shine like the gold they are, including soul music outfit UFO Radio, avant garde jazz/soul fusion artist R1tual, and featured on today’s AMM, Anastasia Hera and the Heroes. The Gathering commences tomorrow, Tuesday Aug. 22, at Antone’s, 305 E. 5th St. Doors at 7 p.m.

Anastasia Hera

AMM Aug. 21 2023

Goldie Pipes presents GP’s Golden Gathering tomorrow, Thu. Aug. 22, at Antone’s.

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