Keepin’ It Very Local Indeed

The humor is not lost on me – which is why, like a dork, I repeat the tale of Mrs. Glass and sound like a broken record. But any band that jams together before uttering a single word to one another has gotta be pretty damn straight up. And I’m convinced songwriter Jordan Webster didn’t think twice about originally tagging himself as “Mrs. Glass,” either. There’s something twisted and funny to it, and fun enough for big mouths like me to make rude remarks across the room about about calling Webster “Missus” and asking where the hubby was. (Sorry about that, Jordan – but it was a fun night, and you all were awfully good sports about it.)

After getting quite a few shows under their belts, the trio secured regular gigs at two popular night spots, the White Horse at  500 Comal St. and The Blackheart at 86 Rainey St. – where, coincidentally, you can pick up a copy of their latest self-titled album. Exclusively. Webster says the albums and assorted Mrs. Glass merch goodies will be for sale even on nights the band isn’t performing at one or either venue.

Of course, tonight’s the night to swing by the White Horse to see Mrs. Glass, at midnight. Get there early to catch Bad Intentions at 10 p.m., or even earlier during happy hour for sets by Finger Pistol at 7 p.m. See? Tuesdays can be badass.

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