Let Love Show the Way

Nashville-based rock trio SIMO prefers to avoid overthinking the recording process. That is to say, edits and retakes on an album are out of step for music artists who relish the art of improvisation.

When it came time to make their latest LP, Let Love Show The Way, it was the high-energy, off-the-cuff experience they relished. The result is an electrifying leap into heavy Southern rock doused with classic R&B, gritty blues, and UK-psychedelia influences. The album wasn’t planned out in any way, which gave front man/guitarist JD Simo, drummer Adam Abrashoff and bassist Elad Shapiro more freedom to run wild with their intuitions, resulting in a more raw and intensified experience.

SIMO’s current tour includes a stop not only for a performance in KUTX’s Studio 1A, but also a show tonight at The Belmont, 305 W. 6th St., with badass rock goddesses The Bluebonnets kicking off the show at 7:30 p.m. Doors open early at 6:30 p.m. Seriously, a show you don’t want to miss, and don’t leave the earplugs at home. So recommended.

-Photography by Ed Rode.

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