Live Stream Pick: Brendan Benson

By now, it’s no secret: You’re aware of your Austin Music Minute maven being a fan of The Raconteurs. Der duh. But it’s time for a little revelatory spotlight on Raconteurs co-founder Brendan Benson‘s solo work, as both outstanding songwriter and badass producer. If you know, you know. If not…time to dig deep, sister. Lose yourself in a CV of numerous collaborations, awesome album credits, and an impressive six-record solo discography. Now, it’s time for number seven.

Benson’s Dear Life, set for release April 24th via Third Man Records, is showing Benson at his strongest and most inventive. To give you a preview of the awesomeness, Benson is presenting the “Boy In A Bubble” daily live stream series. He’ll perform a track off the forthcoming album every day at 4:20 p.m. Central on Instagram Live. Find all the deets you need and tune in on Benson’s Instagram profile.

-Photo courtesy of Third Man Records.

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