Love Austin Music: Futon Blonde

KUTX has teamed forces with the City of Austin Music and Entertainment Division and the Austin Music Foundation to designate February as Love Austin Music Month, an important month-long reminder for music lovers to continue supporting the great music artists in the local scene.

The Austin Music Minute cannot help but share today’s feature by including a rather noteworthy remark from KUTX’s very own John Aielli. Upon hearing the AMM this morning, with Futon Blonde‘s track “I Found A Life” from the EP Solid State, Aielli said, “I don’t know any futons, and I definitely don’t know any futon blondes.”

No official definition of the aforementioned “futon blonde” Aielli referred to, as of this writing, but your AMM host can say with the utmost confidence that life is far more interesting with Eklektikos in it.

In any case, show your support of Futon Blonde (the band) by seeing them perform tomorrow night at The Carousel Lounge, 1110 E. 52nd St. They share the bill with The Cranes of Austin and Tom Florida. The music starts at 9 p.m. Recommended.

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-Photography by Joe Pill.

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