Love the Crazy Ride

Greetings. Your Austin Music Minute maven has returned from a two-week break, with this rec to remedy your Monday blahs. Where to begin? Ah, yes: The song of the heart.

There’s nothing wrong with poetry. Nothing at all. However, for Austin-based songwriter Michael Booher, there’s no desire to mask the scars with flowery rhymes and alliteration. The former Zykos frontman’s debut solo album Funny Tears unveils a soul buried in uncertainty, yet warm and inviting, an open heart surviving the roller coaster journey into the vast emotional unknown. But hear the man out; it can’t all be bad.

Don’t miss Booher’s performance tonight at Hotel Vegas, 1501 E. 6th. Also on the bill: The Carribean vacation headspace that is Austin Leonard Jones, and party folk songwriter David Israel. Get there round 9 p.m. Recommended.

-Photography by White Light Exposure.

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