L’Rain at The Ballroom

Brooklyn native L’Rain (multi-instrumentalist/composer Taja Cheek) describes her third full-length release, I Killed Your Dog, as an anti-break up album. But tap on the breaks for a sec. Could that provocative title carry a double meaning? Is it stemming from horrible guilt, or unmerciful revenge? “It’s bit of aggro and contrarian, a bit of a f*ck you to myself, attention grabbing and flashy, and also deeply confusing,” Cheek admits.

That’s exactly the frame of thought she was aiming for, to explore the contradiction of hurting those closest to you, as well as reexamining her own role in terms of femininity and musical conventionality. For Cheek, a longtime NYC DIY experimental artist, dismantling cliches has been a priority and a pleasure. Don’t assume, because it makes an ass of…well, mostly you.

Austin, you’re in luck. L’Rain’s current tour includes a performance tonight, Thursday Nov. 16, at The Ballroom, 2906 Fruth St. Doors at 7 p.m.

AMM Nov. 16 2023

L’Rain at The Ballroom tonight,

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