Misguided Memories

Surely you sense the tones of a wayward soul on Wil Cope‘s EP Gloom Shrine. The bruises are dark, the damage is done. But there’s no stopping the moth drawn to the flame. It’s as if this broken heart was meant to be, almost expected, because hell, that’s what life has dealt. You feel the strain of “What never was/Forever could be/Never should I trust,” as Cope laments in “Misguided Memories,” featured on today’s Austin Music Minute. “Creepin’ up behind me/Making me blue/Misguided memories/A pretty picture of you.”

Cope knows the terrain he’s haunted by. The Austin-based artist pens songs for the stoners and the loners, the journey with a twisted road…and a twisted mind. Just picture the musty, old motels in a nowhere town that haven’t changed their décor since the early ‘70s, or that wreck of a dive bar seeped with the stale smell of beer and cigarettes – all that’s lingering from heartaches past.

Tonight’s MeshedUp Mondays music series features Wil Cope in the spotlight. He performs with a full band at 8 p.m. at the Hard Luck Lounge, 3526 E. 7th St. Don’t forget to bring your favorite album for BYOVinyl, following the show. Perfect way to send Monday off. Recommended.

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