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It’s…sort of perplexing to see why Guided By Voices fans were taken aback when only one GBV album was released earlier this year, but they were. Some were downright appalled. What, just the one? Yes. This is a band with a multi-layered discography that dates back to around 1986. And don’t bother with words like “prolific,” because that barely begins to scratch the surface. Robert Pollard doesn’t have an explanation, nor does he owe anybody one. “The songs just come to me,” he’s been known to say. And those songs shall do as they please.

So, imagine the gnawing anticipation by mega-GBV fans over forthcoming releases, the double album Zeppelin Over China, due in February, and the LP Street Party, which sees the light of day in February 2020. Is it an intentional stall? Whatever the case, the fans are ready already.

GBV’s current tour includes a show in ATX tonight at the Mohawk, 912 Red River on the outside stage, with “folk atomique” artist Park Doing opening. Doors at 6:30 p.m. Forth Worth band Kites and Boomerangs plays on the inside stage with Mountebank, The Volta and After Aristotle.

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