Never Be Daunted

I’m under the impression that Jamie Seerman did not go to that fateful open mic night in Manhattan, about a decade or so ago, too willingly. Making music wasn’t even a second thought, but the turning point was the impression she made on the audience. It was a widely enthusiastic response. That marked the beginning of Jaymay.

Jaymay (songwriter Seerman’s moniker) became a cult favorite among New York’s anti-folk scenesters, blurring lines between the sounds of Dylan and the whimsy of contemporaries like Regina Spektor in a multi-faceted whir of blues, pop, folk and jazz woven together. Jaymay’s 10Under2 EP (2012), in particular, is captivating with its rather bare-bones simplicity and animatedly quirky lyrics. Thanks in part to her loyal fan base, she’s done performances on national late night television, received rave reviews from the likes of NPR, and has gotten attention from U.K. fans smitten with her style. Not bad at all for someone who wasn’t even considering a career in music.

Jaymay recently started her Never Be Daunted Tour, and the next stop is in Austin for a show tonight at Lambert’s, 401 W. 2nd St. The bill includes performances by Tokyo-based folk artist Kayoko, and Houston native Elaine Greer. Doors open at 9:30 p.m. Recommended.

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