NMASS 2018

It’s perfectly fair to warn you in advance that the performances you’ll experience at the 2018 New Media Art and Sound Summit (NMASS), presented by local arts organization Church of the Friendly Ghost, will not be your average live music excursions. And that is precisely why you should thoroughly immerse yourself in the uniqueness of it all. Cutting edge, no holds barred, mind-blowing, intense, atmospheric, bold and even bizarre, it’s a huge opportunity for all manner of musical discovery. The annual summer festival highlights diverse and unusual talent in the realm of experimental music above and beyond anyone’s expectations.

NMASS continues this evening through the weekend at three spaces: The Ground Floor Theater, The Resonant Lung and Dimension Gallery in East Austin, 979 Springdale Rd. Tonight’s schedule includes performances by Matt LaComette at 8 p.m.Dallas Acid (featured on today’s AMM), Hairy Sands, and Victor Lovlorne at 10 p.m.; and improve quartet CONFESSIONAL at 11 p.m., among many others.

Brilliant. This one comes highly recommended.

-Photo of Dallas Acid by Courtney Chavanell.

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