No Genre and All Of Them

Unpredictability can be a harrowing thing. It can drive some people nuts. But anyone who appreciates the multifaceted nature of Ty Segall‘s artistry will thrive on the whirlwind cacophony.

His 2012 album Twins comes a mere three months after releasing the Ty Segall Band’s Slaughterhouse, and five months following the White Fence collaborative effort Hair. Both were quite a change after 2011’s more pop-laden Goodbye Bread, but where Hair was a tad more strange and eerie, Slaughterhouse and now Twins show Segall on a heavier streak. No shortage of distortion, fuzz and rockin’ out, which should make any hardcore Segall fan giddy.

However, before you nudge Twins into a cozy category, remember it’s not all heavy duty. There’s plenty of room for classic rock sounds, falsettos and – whoa – even an acoustic piece (“Gold On the Shore”). Could he be pushing the listener? Testing the waters? Absolutely, and should continue doing so at the restless, breakneck speeds in which he does. Many reviewers attach “garage rock” to the Segall library, which is fair enough, bu sticking any one label on someone that prolific, that fearless, that talented and able to pull off many different styles – quite successfully, mind you, is incredibly limiting.

In a frame of mind similar to one renegade before him (some dude named Neil Young), Segall pays no mind to labels. If one is placed upon his work, he turns right around and does whatever he wants. In other words, not giving a damn has brought his fans a lot of quality stuff to listen to. So there.

You do not want to miss Ty Segall at his show tonight at the Mohawk, 912 Red River, on the outdoor stage. Ex-Cult and OBN III’s are on the bill, and DJ Richard Henry will spin between sets. And don’t forget the aftershow with Deep Space and The Televibes on the inside stage. Doors open at 8 p.m. Recommended.


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