One Wicked Tuesday Night Witching Hour

I never tire of the story of how Mrs. Glass came to be. Random gigs sometimes bring out the best in people. Especially if you don’t talk.

Things sort of went like this: Songwriter and vocalist Jordan Webster (who uses the moniker Mrs. Glass – fodder for my corny jokes…for weeks) hitchhiked his way to New Orleans from Iowa when he was a teenager. But, following Hurricane Katrina and its devastating aftermath, Webster packed up and made his way to Austin. He wound up connecting with bassist Ivan Evangelista and drummer Ian Fry at some random gig at the Hole In the Wall one night. According to legend, these dudes were playing together before they uttered a single word to each other.

There just seems to be a sort of poetry in that. Play first, talk later, yeah?

Cut to current times: The trio’s been doing some great gigs at places like The Blackheart on Rainey St., and their Tuesday night residency at The White Horse in East Austin. I got word from Webster that there’s a new album on the way, featuring tracks from their debut self-titled EP and five new original songs. There’s also a plan in the works for live recordings at The Blackheart and The White Horse, possibly with East Cameron Folkcore, to be released on vinyl.

Meanwhile, you can see Mrs. Black do their Tuesday night slot at The White Horse, 500 Comal St. They’re onstage by midnight. Good time witching hour with a nice and gritty blues-rock overload. Recommended.

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