Orchestral Folk Pop Bliss

I was just discussing the following topic this afternoon with friends and colleagues Richard Whymark (The Good Music Club, API Productions) and Tracey Schulz (KOOP Radio):  Are bands still utilizing cassettes to sell and promote their music? I just about jumped out of my seat to say yes, with a good example in mind: Linen Closet.

The local folk pop collective, with composer and vocalist Adam Hilton at the helm, has had anywhere up to 13 members performing together with very impressive talent you might recognize from other bands, including Henna Chou (My Education) and Matthew Grusha (She, Sir). Their own descriptions of the music they play are very much on the mark, from chamber psych to glum core, and my personal favorite, grump pop. One big symphonic black-folk mope, perhaps. However, I tend to describe it more along the lines of somewhat dark but undeniably beautiful, rather impassioned, sometimes heartbreaking.

Recently, the band remixed and remastered their 2011 EP Bright Wing for special re-release on cassette tape with help from Accrue Cassettes. And it’s ready to go with a Linen Closet release party tonight at the perfect location, Central Presbyterian Church on 200 E. 8th St. It’s a wonderful place to see performances such as this. Linen Closet has invited Some Say Leland and Fellows to be a part of the bill. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Recommended.


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