Pooneh Presents Broncho!

Pooneh Ghana

Perhaps you may not recognize the name Pooneh Ghana, but as a music lover, you’ve seen a lot of Ghana’s incredible work. Talk about poetry in motion! Images capturing not only the intricacies of artists onstage, but also portraiture behind the scenes, definitive moments that radiate the subject matter’s persona. Over the years, Ghana has amassed a stunning collection of shots from around the world, highlighted in several publications and garnering admiration from not only the music artists’ fans but the artists themselves. And, it should come as no surprise that Ghana has great taste in music.

This time, Ghana is a show curator with Pooneh Presents: Broncho, Friday Dec. 8 at Radio East on Montopolis Dr., featuring Tulsa-based band Broncho, along with Austin bands Annabelle Chairlegs and KUTX Artist of the Month alumnus Being Dead. Doors at 7 p.m. There may be photos. You never know.

AMM Dec. 6 2023

Pooneh Presents: Broncho, Friday Dec. 8 at Radio East, with Annabelle Chairlegs and Being Dead.

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