Radio Coffee’s 10th Anniversary

Just look for the glowing radio tower. Coffee and beer may be the brand, but live music is the magic.

AMM June 13 2024

Radio Coffee and Beer’s 10th Anniversary party, Saturday at Radio’s Menchaca Rd. location.

Monday Bluegrass night at Radio Coffee and Beer.
Art by Dan Grissom.

It was a big dream being realized for Jack Wilson. The moment the doors of Radio Coffee and Beer‘s first location in South Austin opened in 2014, it was immediately apparent how much love and meticulous attention to detail went into its design. Reclaimed wood, salvaged parts, murals by artist Dan Grissom, and a Veracruz food trailer in the garden created an overall inviting space that was a natural fit for live music. “I developed a sense of what kind of space could support a community,” Wilson told the Austin Chronicle, explaining how life on the road as a musician inspired his idea. “And because that’s what it takes for a cafe to succeed, we created a cafe that would be supported by its community in turn.”

No one, least of all Wilson, expected that another location could be a possibility. Wilson and father/Radio co-founder Greg Wilson went on to launch Radio East on Montopolis Dr., complete with a huge outdoor stage, an indoor stage for more intimate performances, more beautiful Grissom mural art, and several original art pieces inside as well. And FYI: Plans are now also underway for a Radio Rosewood, at the former Try Hard Coffee space on E. 11th.

All of this is reason for a huge celebration for Radio’s 10th Anniversary, and that’s exactly what you’ll get this Saturday at the original Radio location, 4204 Menchaca Rd. Plenty of live music, of course, by The Stacks, Motenko (“Lifted” is featured on today’s AMM), Mockjaw, Vaishalini, Grace Rowland (The Deer), Redbud, the renown Monday house band Bluegrass Outfit, jazz outfit Scrapelli, and the party wouldn’t be complete without the whimsy and renegade circus-punk brass of The Minor Mishap Marching Band. The music kicks off at noon. The event includes pop-up vendors, a portrait booth, Raw Paw live screen printing, a Cowboy Pools pop-up pool, Veracruz All Natural and Shortwave serving up outrageously delicious food, carnival games and don’t forget the sick half-pipe on site for your skating pleasure.

Damn, what a party. Happy 10th, Radio.

(P.S. I still tell people Radio’s name was inspired by KUT/KUTX, even though it’s not true. Hilarious, am I right?? No? Okay.)

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