Raining Cherries and Stems

White Light Exposure

One word that may come to mind when describing Magic Rockers of Texas: Irreverent. And irresistibly so, like someone grinning smugly at your discomfort while asking, “What’s your problem?” With the kind of bangers Magic Rockers puts out, it works like a friggin’ charm. Excellent stuff from the mind of songwriter/vocalist Jim Campo, with the temperature fluctuating between punk, garage rock, and an almost sickening pop sweetness that buckles your knees.

Then a most awesome curve ball is delivered in the form of Life’s A Bowl Of Cherries…And All I Got Was Stems! Wanna commiserate over a couple of Lone Star tall boys? The new album’s stories come from not so much a pity party, but as a kind of…declaration of independence, maybe? As in, “Look, I’m tryin’ here,” or “It’s not you, it’s me.” Check out the video for the album closer, “Words in a Bin,” and feel crushed as it slowly peels your heart into shreds. “Me / I’m a bottom feeder boy / and it’s all I can do to keep moving forward / I write my thoughts down / they’re only words in a bin…” It burns so good.

Why don’t more people know about Magic Rockers of Texas? Why?? Treat yourself to their album release show tomorrow night, Friday Sept. 8, at Hotel Vegas. Doors at 9 p.m. Gummy Fang starts out the night, followed by Gold Leather, then Magic Rockers, and closing out the night is Otis Wilkins.

AMM Sept. 7 2023

Magic Rockers of Texas album release show at Hotel Vegas, with Otis Wilkins, Gold Leather, and Gummy Fang.

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