It’s a blast of euphoria – like a revelation, on Guerilla Toss‘ latest release Famously Alive. The NYC-based art rockers revel in their multifaceted dissonant power, and songwriter/vocalist Kassie Carlson elatedly leads the listener through a celebration of living. With bursts of poppy psych, while connecting to the frenetic energy the band’s known for, Famously Alive carries an organic chaos – as hyper or erratic as it might feel, it’s all brilliantly connected.

Guerilla Toss heads to Austin for a show tomorrow night, Wednesday Oct. 19, at The Far Out Lounge and Stage. Folk artist and storyteller Frank Hurricane opens the show. Doors at 7 p.m.

AMM Oct. 18 2022

Guerilla Toss plays Wednesday Oct. 19 at Far Out Lounge and Stage, with Frank Hurricane.

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