Sagebrush Wednesday

Make note of this incredible night coming up at Sagebrush tomorrow, Wednesday May 31:

  • It’s a striking voice weaving you into an emotional spell, such sweet croons into booming choruses, equal parts mysterious and enchanting. Natalie Ribbons is the storyteller at the core of Tele Novella‘s expansive melodic charm, a magic brew of medieval-hued baroque pop and Old West-dusted psych. Ribbons starts out the night with a solo set at 9 p.m.
  • Writer Libby Webster put it best in a 2017 feature in the Austin Chronicle when describing the enigmatic Knife In the Water, a spirit of “…quiet audacity.” It feels as if the term “slowcore” is limiting; their style is more of a quiet magnitude, a minimalist approach making a bigger impact than simply raising the volume, pushing past country’s boundaries until it’s something uniquely their own. Knife In the Water takes to the stage at 10 p.m.
  • And now, a correction. The AMM would like to clarify that Austin-based artist and Buffalo Gals Band member Rebecca Patek (as seen below) is playing Sagebrush tomorrow at 11 p.m., and not the NYC artist and choreographer. (Apologies for the error.) In addition to old-time country/bluegrass/folk solo work with a badass fiddle to boot, Patek is also a longtime collaborator with Melissa Carper.

AMM May 30 2023

Natalie Ribbons, Knife In the Water and Rebecca Patek play Wednesday night at Sagebrush.

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