Sonidos Y Cerveza

Austin Music Minute

Sonidos Y Cerveza

Posted by on Dec 11, 2018

Today’s Austin Music Minute was fun thanks in part to having the chance to say Cervezalandia. That’s just damn funny. And, if you’re vaguely familiar with the local music scene, it doesn’t take much to figure out the reference.

Your AMM host got it from San Saba Records. The sister label of Super Secret Records here in the ATX┬áspecializes in music by multi-genre, multi-lingual artists from around the world, as part of an effort to promote more international sounds in the U.S. They recently curated a special show you won’t want to miss out on tonight: San Saba Records y Cervezalandia Presenta: Sonidos Latinos, Vol. 2, Latin sounds featuring Austin artists Cilantro Boombox (featured on today’s AMM), Como Las Movies, and a DJ set by Beats of Burden.

Doors open at 8 p.m. Vamos a bailar. Recommended.

-Photo of Cilantro Boombox courtesy of the artist.