Star Dream

The phenomenal Karla Manzur is one of the busiest artists in town. The musician and vocalist performs with the best of the best, from Dana Falconberry to Abram Shook, to Alejandro Escovedo. Endless collaborations, rehearsals and touring are a huge part of her life. But does it ever slow down? What does a creative mind do in between shows and projects? The answer for Manzur manifested itself in the creation of Nightblooms, her solo project, self-described as “…only a place to put the things in my head that spill over into reality…”.

It is rather a magical place, though – a vast expanse of astronomical delights when you pause to listen and breathe it all in. Manzur’s mind is the interstellar traveller, and she’s created something new from her latest journeys, Star-Taker. an album which has its premiere release with a performance tonight at the Museum of Human Achievement, located at 3600 Lyons Rd. in East Austin. Make your way round to find the mobile planetarium that Manzur will perform in with a 16-piece choir, featuring some familiar faces in the local scene contributing vocals and assorted magic throughout the night.

A word, however: Manzur says that both the 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. planetarium performances have sold out. Songwriter Jesse Woods is performing outside the planetarium at 10 p.m. Maybe, just maybe…a seat or two might open up? You never know. This one comes highly recommended. It would be worth the wait.

– Photo courtesy of the artist. 

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