Stop Waiting

It’s a golden twilight, when the stars and a sliver of the moon are visible, even though the sun hasn’t completely set yet. It’s a wisp of a breeze…or was that a ghost? It can be the early morning light just as easily as it could be a star-studded night sky. And, much to the delight of your AMM host, one fan describes AMM featured track “Stop Waiting” by Cigarettes After Sex as “another great night driving song.” It is. Mesmerizing with a longing that could never be quenched, it’s made all the more ethereally seductive by the vocals of Greg Gonzalez.

Cigarettes After Sex is known for their subterranean dream-pop mystique, a dreamlike ambient presence with a dark edge to it, from their EP I (2012) to their 2017 self-titled debut album, and their 2019 release Cry. But don’t skip over the two-track dark pop caress of Crush (2018). And following the KUTX-featured single “Pistol” comes another two-track treasure, Bubblegum, from which “Stop Waiting” comes. Put this one on the playlist for your next road trip.

Cigarettes After Sex performs tonight, Monday Oct. 9, at Moody Amphitheater at Waterloo Park, as part of ACL Fest Nights. Doors at 7 p.m.

AMM Oct. 9 2023

Cigarettes After Sex performs tonight at Moody Amphitheater, as part of ACL Fest Nights.

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