The Blackheart Serenade

Far be it from your humble Austin Music Minute maven to not appreciate the occasional “ladies’ night” soiree, although it surely depends on what such a night entails. But the AMM much prefers a ladies’ night where the women take the room over with excellent music. This is why tonight is a stellar night at The Blackheart, with the spotlight on these up-and-coming songwriters you need to see:

– Austin-based country-rock songwriter, by way of Strong, ME, Elsa Cross. Imagine the darkest of scenarios enveloping you in eerily beautiful tones, as though Johnny Cash or perhaps Tom Waits had a sister.

– Local roots artist Christy Hays. The Tuscola, IL native knows well the tormented and haunted feelings emerging from isolation, and has used that perspective to create extraordinarily powerful songs.

– Folk/blues artist Ali Holder. The Texas native makes R&B an integral part of her folk-influenced sounds. Holder heads out for a month-long summer tour in June to promote her album In Preparation for Saturn’s Return.

You can see them all perform tonight at The Blackheart, 86 Rainey St. The music starts at 9 p.m. So recommended.

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