The Cosmic Chaos

Perhaps you were there that fateful day at Mueller Lake Park, March 25, 2022. Rock the Park was in full swing with the abstruse anomaly we know and lurve, Andrew Cashen. The music superb, the vocals fantastique, and…then there was the matter of possibly sending some people into cardiac arrest because Cashen began climbing part of the stage set-up. Not necessarily a structurally steady piece for a human to climb let alone stand atop of, but there went our musical anti-hero Cashen, the spirit moving through his white-suited form as he ascended, looking like a madman about to testify, or at the very least providing a great photo op.

Hell, the kids loved it.

At least, that’s how the story was told to your AMM host. There’s also photographic proof (thank you, Gabriel C. Pérez). And we’d expect no less from the high-powered Sweet Spirit/A Giant Dog shredder – or the mysterious TEAR DUNGEON blood-soaked gimp in full-on headbanger mode. That last one is a different tale for another time, but you should know you can catch an acoustic set by Cashen tonight, Monday Sept. 26, at The 13th Floor, 711 Red River. The line-up includes sets by Gus Baldwin, Quinn Decker and Travis Roper. Doors at 9 p.m. And Cashen says this may be the last time you see a stripped-down acoustic version of his set until next year. Acoustic Cashen? Now this you’ve gotta see…

AMM Sept. 26 2022

Andrew Cashen at 13th Floor

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