The Craft

It was a childhood filled with music that shaped the mind of Deezie Brown. He and his dad spent quality time listening to artists like Outkast and Port Arthur hip-hop titans UGK, but putting together playlists and mixtapes is one thing. Realizing that music is one’s life is quite another. Brown was awestruck with the idea of making music his career, and so began pouring over the work of Kanye West as a guide to help craft his own creativity along the way.

The Bastrop County native made his debut with Judith (2018), an album exploring this very subject – the music industry, including the good, the bad, and the very ugly sides of it. Brown embraces the (imperfect) journey in spite of it all.

Brown’s CV includes his work with producer and former NBA star Chris Bosh, releasing tracks on Bosh’s label Daddy Jack Records; recording and producing his follow-up LP Candy Blue Like Screw with EC Mayne; and collaborating with Jake Lloyd on their project Geto Gala.

More is on the horizon. Get the live experience with Deezie Brown tomorrow night, Friday September 3, at Hotel Vegas, 1501 E. 6th St. He shares the bill with PR Newman and Van Mary. Doors open at 9 p.m. Please remember to bring your mask.

The Craft

AMM September 2 2021 || Deezie Brown at Hotel Vegas, Fri. Sept. 3, with PR Newman and Van Mary.

-Photography by Eddie Gaspar for KUTX.

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