The Cuckoos’ Single Release at Hotel Vegas

Ken Frost has an ear for many genres. This time with “Dirty Pictures,” his band captures an ’80s New Wave vibe.

AMM May 28 2024

The Cuckoos single release at their Hotel Vegas residency show tonight, with Flyer Club and John Scott.

For songwriter, producer, musician and vocalist Ken Frost, being contained in one specific musical style is not a creative option. Frost explores an entire spectrum of genres with his band The Cuckoos, from classic rock to funk to psych, never a shortage on inspiration. But a brief hiatus was in order for the band to refresh their outlook and take on a more synth-stylized pulse with “Dirty Pictures,” a single produced by a badass who knows a thing or two about rockin’ out and taking things to the next level, Chris “Frenchie” Smith. No shortage of rocking on this dark gem, exploring the seedier, more menacing side of success as perceived through the warped lens of social media popularity.

It’s camera ready. The new single’s on the set list for tonight’s residency show with The Cuckoos at Hotel Vegas, featuring Flyer Club and John Scott on the bill. Doors at 9 p.m.

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