The Joys of Lonerism

Perhaps it was the album title of Tame Impala‘s sophomore release, Lonerism, that led me to think of a theme revolving around isolation. (Or the age-old tales of relationships not working out…or the lack thereof.) Maybe I heard it in their first release, Innerspeaker. But therein lies the beauty for me; perhaps a track such as “Why Won’t They Talk To Me?” might hint at the idea of being alone, but listening to such an incredibly vibrant piece would not instantly give that impression. The entire album is this animated, joyful mass of sound building such momentum that one is left to wonder where exactly the Lonerism could be found on it.

In addition to the songwriting, front man Kevin Parker also provided all the vocals and instrumentation on the debut album. This time, Parker and co-producer Dave Fridmann pushed the envelope on Lonerism by expanding upon the influences that drive its style – ’70s classic rock, pyschedelia, early metal, and yes, pop. The results are bold and fluid with a dreamlike assortment of sonic effects and technique, switching gears on you when you least expect it. Still, it’s a trippy deal to hear these rich, gorgeous sounds swirling and soaring while somehow the underlying theme seems about introversion. The contrast is brilliant.

Tame Impala’s current tour includes a stop in Austin for a show tonight at Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater, 801 Red River. Fremantle, AU garage rockers The Growl start out the evening. Doors open at 6 p.m. And make sure you stick around for the aftershow with local bands Feathers and The Sour Notes on the inside stage. Great all around. Recommended.

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