The Magician

Jordan Moser reveals a quiet force building beneath a pensive exterior on his 2023 LP Peril. And to be blunt, the cast of musicians in the album credits reads like a who’s-who of awesome badassery, including Lindsey Verrill and Jeff Johnston (Little Mazarn); producer Dan Duszynski on guitar and percussion; vocalist Natalie Jane Hill; Dailey Toliver playing all of the things, basically; and pedal steel extraordinaire courtesy of Bob Hoffnar.

In certain ways, like Moser’s previous release Long Night, Peril has a contemplative, understated feel, but there’s nothing understated about the emotion coursing through its multi-layered veins, leaving you mesmerized by a very engrossing storyteller. Moser continues his residency at Hole In the Wall with a show tonight, Tuesday Aug. 22, starting at 8 p.m.

-Special thanks to Tony Presley and Keeled Scales for their assistance with today’s AMM.

AMM Aug. 22 2023

Jordan Moser residency show at Hole In the Wall tonight, Tue. Aug. 22.

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