The New Era

It still leaves a heavy impression, though the sound itself is diaphanous and otherworldly.

In March, Motorama recorded “The New Era” in their hometown, Rostov-on-Don, Russia. As you hear Vladislav Parshin‘s vocals make their quiet entrance, it’s as though you can feel the mists creeping in to darken the atmosphere. “The air is thick / above high fields,” Parshin intones. “Life gets long / and time goes slow…” Who would have even known the prescient tone these words would carry?

“Loud and silent in my head / Everywhere and nowhere…”

It was easy to disappear down the rabbit hole that is Motorama’s discography – five albums, two EP’s and several single releases to explore, taking in the post-punk melodic sound that got them several Joy Division comparisons in the past, but that’s so off the mark. Theirs is a more ethereal presence.

Touring is not an option at the moment, of course, but you have a chance to catch Motorama on a livestream performance at 6 p.m. central tonight, Tuesday September 22, on Noonchorus. Your virtual ticket gets you into the show.

The New Era

AMM September 22 2020 || Motorama on Noonchorus

-Photo courtesy of the artist.

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